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We farm, breed & sell Large White pigs in all KZN areas. Our clients merge from ordinary people, small-scale-farmers to affluent pork production companies.

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Our Services

We function on a binary-business-model by offering two options to all our customer/s to either be once off or long term partners. Customers can buy livestock under two available options:

Option 1

Traditional Farming

We welcome all our customers to purchase pigs directly at our farm, our professional & friendly staff members help you to choose, scale and buy pig/s of your choice. Your affordability or pig price value is determined by the scale results (in Kgs) of a pig/s you chose to purchase. Under this option you can only be a once-off or regular customer.

Remember, our prices remain most affordable and competitive against all of the other pig farms in KZN.

Option 2

Welcome to Metaverse farming

Opting for Metaverse farming automatically transform our customers to long term partners:


How do you benefit?

When you purchase one virtual pig for once off R2200, 00. You receive a minimum of R500, 00 monthly revenue for a 12 months period only. There are more buying options available under the client portal section. You are not only limited to buying one pig, a single customer is allowed to buy from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 50 virtual pigs per year. Alternatively, you can buy more pigs in proxy by appointing a person you trust to register under their name, in order to increase your number of virtual pig/s ownership.

How do we make money to generate substantial and stable revenue?

How to get started

Register and Download

Register with us & proceed to download our App and fill in the Next of kin form to be verified

Purchase options

Purchase a virtual pig/s at the budget of your choice

Get Monthly Revenue

Enjoy your 12 months revenue

How It Works

How is your profit guaranteed

So basically when you buy the virtual pig, you will then be owning that pig virtual meaning one of the pig at our farm will be belonging to you, it won’t be a specific pig as that would mean you now have to carry the risk of its vaccination and feeding it ,in such a case where should it die ,you will then loose if it a specific pig, now that it not specific but virtual you will then be on the safe side that you would never hear from us telling you that we can’t pay you out your R500pm due to a pig being dead, cos your one will never die.

How do we make our profit

We are a company that specializes in breeding pigs so it means that we breed pigs till they give birth of which a pig gives birth twice a year and a pig gives birth at a minimum of 6 piglets per time and in those piglets that where our company makes profit through selling these piglets to arbiters and some individuals butcher companies, through the sales of those piglets we then make a profit and from those profits margins its where we able to share or splits that profit with you and you're able to make that R500pm

Where or how all this money is generate

However we won't hide the fact that the company makes a lot of profit as the same pig you own virtual may give birth to a minimum of 10 piglets per year and those are the live piglets ,but we should also look at the fact that the company carries the risk and insurance of these animals as they're at the farm also the running cost of the company to all its employees that have to be paid at every month end, also considering the logistics of transportation of piglets to our abattoir where we generate our profits through the sales deal on bulk sales also we sell at the farm live pigs ,that our primary source of sales as well.

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For every referral our customer/s make, piggy farm trading provides R200.00 once gratitude fee for a single client referral. Referral of clients is not limited only to our registered customers, everyone can participate in it. However, note that it is not our company policy nor obligation to recruit or refer others, rather a person’s choice to make extra / expand sources of their income. We pay your commission fee directly to the bank account of choice.

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Contact us via all our social media channels or at Piggy Farm Trading website, our contacts are written at the page footer. You can also visit our offices: we are open from 9 Am to 16:30 PM during the week and on Saturdays from 9 Am to 13:00 PM. Our offices are closed for business during Sundays and official holidays. You can still have access to our services on our website.